Wake 101

VI Wake Magazine Trick Tips

Wake 101 – #101 Heelside 180

For a Heelside 180

1. Come into the wake with a progressive cut. Keep your head up. And keep the handle just off your lead hip.

2. As you cut up the wake keep your body positioned directly over your board. Pulling the handle into your hips as your front foot leaves the wake (Just like a normal wake to wake jump). Keep the handle at waste level.

3. To start the rotation pull the handle from your lead hip to the middle of your hips letting go with your lead hand.  This will start your rotation. There is no need to start early by rotating your hips or shoulders. To prevent going off axis, concentrate on the horizon to the side you are heading towards. Make sure to keep the handle at waste level.

4. As you start to turn pull the handle all the way to your back hip and hold it there. Look for the approaching shoreline.  Spot your landing and once you have keep your head up.

5. Finally, touch down.  When you feel the water your handle should be relaxed and close to your hip. You will be landing on your toes so as soon as you feel the water stick your chest towards the shore. This will lock in your toe edge. Remember to keep your eyes up. If you look down chances are you will go down.

These are the basic steps to the 180. Making sure you have a solid wake to wake jump is important. Bending the knees for landing goes without saying. A lot of the time landing toeside we forget about bending the knees so concentrate on that. Continue to ride away from the wake after landing, this will help you to create a flowing run while in competition. Adding grabs are a great way to add style to any 180.


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